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How to Turn an Idea into an Invention

by: Jean Smith Newell, Boomerpreneur

It all started a few years ago when, as a 35 year veteran Realtor, I found I was leaving my little (and expensive) high tech devices all over town. This particular day I had called my cell phone for the second time within an hour to find it. I jokingly commented to my fellow associates that "one day I'm going to show up for work wearing a carpenter's nail apron with HOME DEPOT printed across the front, just for the luxury of using the pockets!"
Although that statement got a laugh it "rang" true with all of them. It seemed I wasn't the only one spending an enormous amount of time searching for my daily essentials. After realizing that we were all in the same boat, we started searching for a multi-purpose, stylish unisex bag we could use for work.  

After months of searching, we came to the realization that no such product existed. I was elected to create "the perfect" accessory for our needs. So with my associates' input I developed the PUP (acronym for Personal Utility Pouch).
Sales began to pour in and newspaper articles with headlines like "Bag Creates Buying Frenzy", kept the phones ringing day and night. Just 2 months after the PUP's debut, I discovered how to get the attention of QVC which accepted the PUP as a new product.  

QVC prefers the inventor to accompany their product on air so I flew from Orlando to the QVC studios outside of Philadelphia over 35 times in 18 months. That's 70 plus airplanes that I got on and off during peak holiday times, 4 hurricanes and one week I had to make 3 round trips back to back. But the end result was QVC sold over $1.5 million in my PUP bags.
I then went on a quest to learn the power of publicity and the rewards of marketing my product to the media www.youtube.com/watch . I decided to see if I could compete with BIG (and expensive) marketing firms and PR firms. I read countless books, attended seminars and realized, yes it CAN be done. My business or products have been featured in 35 metropolitan newspapers including the Washington Post, New York Daily News, Orlando Sentinel and the Chicago Tribune. They've appeared on talk shows and endorsed by celebrities such as Montel Williams and Bonnie Hunt. It's been reviewed by major TV news shows, blogs and magzines. So if you're wondering whether you too can take an idea and turn it into a profitable business I hope you'll soon realize the answer is YES! 
I'm often asked by aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs to help them take their idea to market. But I realized there really wasn't a One Stop Shop for entrepreneurs, so I've created this website and a training series based upon my forthcoming book "How To Turn a Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business." 

I also volunteer with the Small Business Development Center and Women's Business Center offering free seminars and workshops on the process of starting and growing income producing opportunities. Be sure to add your email to their data base for upcoming evets. Here is my business blog which offers the initial steps to starting your business www.jeannewellbusiness.blogspot.com
I realize it's difficult to take the first step into the unknown world of self-employment. However, during these volatile economic times, self-employment may be your only option. During your "employment hiatus" you might discover you have hidden talents, hobbies, skills and past expertise you can dust off to create a new income opportunity. If you are not sure what to do first, START with my SELF EVALUATION test. This should help you rediscover your potential in other fields of expertise you may have not considered.  

I have also developed CDs and DVDs to answer your business questions and concerns and in the very near future I will be providing free teleseminars and podcasts. Just go to the CONTACT button and drop me a line and I'll make sure to include you in the email information.
STEP TWO: Before you start your new business explore the websites of The Small Business Administration.

Search http://www.sba.gov. They have many separate divisions that can help you with your start- up needs. Anything and everything from getting grants, buying a franchise, writing a business plan or bookkeeping tips. Visit SCORE, (Service Corp of Retired Executives) another sub agency of SBA. They have counselors who mentor small businesses at http://www.score.org

Make an appointment with your Small Business Development Center at www.floridasbdc.com. They have many free (or small fee) seminars and workshops. The Women's Business Center (men welcome) in Brevard County at wbc.fit.edu/index.php. In Central Florida The Disney Entreprenurial Center at http://www.disneyec.com  
There are also business incubator programs where you can rent office space and have a business mentor and training all in one package check out the services of TRDA at http://www.trda.org.
STEP THREE: Continue your research and education

CLICK HERE to hear a radio interview I did with Marc Middleton on the Growing Bolder Radio Show discussing the invention process. 

I also extend a free consultation by phone when you opt in for "Business 101 -Your Guide to Financial Freedom" at my FREE RESOURCES page.

Please visit the Educational Materials page were you'll also find affordable training materials to get you on the fast track. www.newcomarketing.com/catalog/index.cfm

Bookmark this site and visit often for more updates and make sure you're on my mailing list. ADD ME TO MAILING LIST

Also visit my "Helpful Business Websites" page and sign up with the marketing and publicity online guru's free email advice and newsletters. 

I've coined a phrase that you'll hear me often use.   "It's all very simple......just not easy"

You've taken the first step by obtaining INFORMATION, just know your goals, continue to learn, work hard and be prosperous!

                        Live your passion,
                        Jean Newell
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